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About Santa Barbara County SELPA (SBCSELPA)

SBCSELPA provides oversight, guidance, training and support to member local education agencies (LEAs), parents, guardians, and the community related to identifying and  providing compliant, best practice Individualized Education Plan (IEP) services to students with disabilities.

SBCSELPA is a mandated agency by the California Department of Education that is responsible for implementation and oversight of the SBCSELPA Local Plan.  The SBCSELPA Local Plan ensures that individuals with disabilities receive a free and appropriate public education as per the Individuals  with Disabilities Education Act PL 94-142 amended by PL 108-446 (Regulations 34CFR parts 300 and 301) and California Laws and Regulations (California Special Education Programs: A Composite of Laws Database).  SBCSELPA is governed by a Joint Powers Agency (JPA) board comprised of superintendents from Local Education Agencies (LEAs)/districts in Santa Barbara County SELPA and the Santa Barbara County Superintendent of Instruction. SBCSELPA encompasses the 20 school districts, Santa Barbara County Education Office, and two charter schools.


On July 1, 2018 the SBCSELPA will welcome:

Dr. Ray Avila as the new SBCSELPA Executive Director


Ms. Jennifer Connolly as the new SBCSELPA Coordinator 

Services Provided by SBCSELPA
Parents and Adult Students
ADR / Complaint Forms
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