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Deborah Umansky wins major NASP award!

The National Association of School Psychologists (NASP) has selected Dr. Deborah Umansky as a recipient of the 2022 NASP Model School Psychology Intern Supervisor award. Umansky is the lead clinical supervisor of the Santa Barbara Psychology Internship Consortium (SB-PIC), based at Santa Barbara County SELPA and the Gevirtz School.

“I am impressed by Dr. Umansky’s ongoing commitment and contributions to providing high-quality supervision to doctoral school psychology students completing their internships in schools throughout Santa Barbara county,” says Dr. Shane Jimerson, co-Director of the SB-PIC, and a professor in the Department of Counseling, Clinical, and School Psychology. “Her contributions to the development and preparation of professionals are essential in efforts to provide social, emotional, behavioral, cognitive, and mental health supports for children at school. With her supervision, these young professionals master the skills and strategies to support teachers, aids, administrators, and other professionals in schools, and thereby to support the well-being and success of students."

The Santa Barbara Psychology Internship Consortium (SB-PIC) represents the collaborative effort between the Santa Barbara County SELPA office, school districts throughout Santa Barbara county, and contributions of the school psychology faculty of UC Santa Barbara, to share resources for the purpose of providing a range of clinical and didactic experiences that represent the necessary depth and breadth required for future professional psychological practice.

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SELPA Staff Updates:

Natalie Facio-León, Mental Health Specialist

Natalie Facio Leon

Welcome Tania Nuñez, Wrap Youth Support Specialist

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An article highlighting the ERMHS efforts and initiatives deployed throughout the state of California, across various counties, including Santa Barbara.

South County Transition Fair (9/21/2022)

SBCSELPA will be changing all SELPA staff emails effective June 30, 2022

SBCSELPA will be changing all SELPA staff emails effective June 30, 2022. Please change all SBCSELPA personnel contacts from to  Emails should be first letter of first name, entire last name at Ex. Ray Avila

SELPA Staff Updates:

Alison Lindsey, Mental Health Manager

Alison Lindsey

Welcome Rachel Bidinost, Wrap Youth Support Specialist

Rachel Bidinost

Santa Barbara County Welcomes New Leadership!

Luis Correa, Adelante Charter School, Director of Special Education

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Megan Tice, Santa Barbara Unified. Program Facilitator

Armando Uribe, SBCEO, Coordinator

Chantal Martinez, Lompoc Unified, Coordinator