Academic Therapy Publications – This Web site offers books for all professionals working with children who have special needs. In addition, this publisher offers High Noon Books, which are written for high interest/low level readers. That is, students who are reading below their age level.

Albert Whitman and Company – This publisher specializes in children’s books and features stories for kids on asthma, Down syndrome, learning disabilities and more.

Brookline Booksmith – This website offers three categories of disability books: assistive technology, general disability, and self-advocacy. The materials are for teachers, families, and young adults with disabilities.

Butte Publications Resources – At this publisher’s site, you’ll find educational materials for students who are deaf or hard of hearing, their parents, teachers, and other professionals in the field.

Childswork/Childsplay – This publisher offers over 450 resources to address the social and emotional needs of children and adolescents. Their web site has areas dedicated to disorders, research issues, teachers, parents, and mental health professionals.

Corwin Press, Inc. – Educators, administrators, and counselors, this publisher has products for you! Check out the books and journals listed on the Web site. Request a free catalog.

Educators Publishing Service – At this site you will find books and workbooks for students from kindergarten through high school as well as students who are home-schooled. This publisher focuses on teacher-developed literacy products.

Free Spirit Publishing – This publisher offers books and other learning materials on learning differences (or learning disabilities) for kids, teens, teachers, and parents. Browse by category to find what you are looking for.

Future Horizons – If you are looking for products on autism, PDD, or Asperger’s, this is the site to visit. They offer books, videos, and a magazine, as well as medical resources, and conference information.

Gallaudet University Press – This site is a one-stop shop for books on deaf and hard of hearing topics, including American Sign Language, deaf culture, parenting, special education, and more.

GSI Publications – This site is chock-full of ADHD products for parents, teachers, children with ADHD, and their siblings. Some materials are also available in Spanish.

Guilford Press – Search on “ADHD” to find lots of books and videos on Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder. Also search on “Education” for other disability-related resources. Some materials are also available in Spanish – search on “Spanish”.

Heinle Cengage Learning – This publisher specializes in ESL and ELT (English as a Second Language, and English Language Teaching) materials. Teachers and students can find products tailored to them.

Jason & Nordic Publishers – This publisher offers an awesome series of children’s books about what it’s like to have a disability such as cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, or deafness. Some books are also available in an audio version.

John Wiley & Sons – Check out the “Special Education” category (within the “Education” section) to find over 20 different books for teachers on teaching special-needs kids.

L&A Publishing – This publisher offers tons of reader-friendly information on brain injury in children and adults. Check out the resources for survivors, parents, kids, siblings, teachers, advocates, and counselors.

LRP Publications – LRP offers lots of legal information regarding special education. On their site, you can sign up for free Special Ed e-news—short e-mail newsletters giving you significant case decisions, important developments in the special education community, and upd

Magination Press

Paul H. Brookes – This publisher is a gold mine of special needs materials, useful particularly to professionals with some parent materials scattered throughout. They publish research-based resources in developmental and learning disabilities, early intervention, child de

Peachtree Publications – Check out the children and young adult’s section of this publisher’s Web site. You’ll find great children’s books covering topics such as deafness, getting a prosthetic hand, and using a wheelchair.

Peytral Publications – This publisher has a great bunch of publications for parents, teachers, paraeducators and more on various disability and special education materials.

Sage Publications – This publisher offers a wide range of publications geared toward teachers and teachers-in-training. Try searching by “special education” or “disability” to find books suited to your interests.

Scholastic, Inc. – This site has numerous disability-related materials. Search by “disabilities” or “special needs” and you’ll find tons of books, articles, and other products.

Sensory Resources – Parents, teachers, and therapists will love the hard-to-find resources on sensory integration and sensory processing that are available through this site. Children with autism spectrum disorders often have sensory issues.

Other Disability Resources